About Us

We are Nipponjin No Kai, also known as JSLNY, a group of Japanese-speaking Les-Bi-Gays in New York city area. We welcome all those who are interested in the community to join our events, discussions and get-togehters. Our purpose is to bond, socialize and network with other Japanese and Japanese-speaking GLBT in the area.

For the membership, a member should be lesbian, bisexual or gay, sociable and interested in the LGBT community in New York area. (We also welcome all gay-friendly supporters.)
A member should be comfortable to communicate in Japanese, as all our meetings are in Japanese.

** We are not Japanese ocnversation session group. Thank you for your understanding.

Please CONTACT us if you are interested in joining our group.

Our Activities

We have monthly get-togethers, such as discussion meetings, dinner and sometimes drinks/coffee. Also occasional activities such as picnics or outdoor events.
We also participate in events related to GLBT Japanese.

We will email all the members fot he latest information for our activities once a month.

Any other Inquires

Please email us any other inquires suck as community info, press info, etc.. Thank you!
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